Neato botvac connected d5

Neato Botvac D5 Connected Review

  • Robot Vacuums
  • Small home appliance


  • Quality basic cleaning
  • Low profile
  • Brilliant connectivity


  • Struggled with navigation on first run
  • Large footprint makes narrow gaps hard to navigate
  • Few advanced features

Key Specifications

  • Integrated filter
  • Amazon Echo and Google Assistant support
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and app control
  • 0.7-litre bin

A slightly cheaper, less feature-packed version of the company’s leading D7 Connected robot vacuum, the Neato Botvac D5 Connected is still a powerful cleaner in its own right.

Excellent navigation, good cleaning and a sensible, easy-to-use app make this a no-frills but convenient machine for keeping your house clean without hassle.

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Neato Botvac D5 Connected – Design

With its distinctive D-shaped body, the Neato Botvac D5 is instantly recognisable. The idea is that the D-shape helps the robot access corners and other areas with which other vacuum cleaners might struggle.

It’s a slim yet wide robot vacuum cleaner (100 x 336 x 319mm), which has both advantages and disadvantages. In the D5’s favour, the low profile means it can easily squeeze under furniture. In fact, I tested this model by keeping its charging dock under a sofa, which posed no problems. However, its wide body isn’t particularly good for getting through narrow gaps, such as a dining chair’s legs.

On its underside you’ll find a combination brush bar, designed to agitate and loosen dirt so that it can be sucked up. This will need to be cleaned out regularly, and there’s a neat tool included with a built-in razor for cutting away tangled hair. A side brush swipes dirt from edges into the path of robot. Replacement brushes are available (around £30), and replacing them every six months is recommended.

Inside the robot is a 0.7-litre bin, which lifts out for emptying. Annoyingly, the bin is in the same recess as the carry handle, making it all too easy to grab the wrong one. There’s a high-performance filer inside, which needs to be replaced every one-to-two months (the app lets you know when). Filters cost around £23 for a pack of two.

Neato Botvac D5 Connected – Features

Simple control of the Botvac D5 Connected is via the button on top. One press starts a clean, two presses start an area clean. However, you get more control via the smartphone app, which is initially used to connect the robot to your Wi-Fi network. Once configured, you can control the robot directly from the app.

There are two cleaning modes available: House and Spot. House cleans your entire home (well, as far as the robot can go before it reaches stairs). Spot is used to clean a 7-foot square area, which is handy for tackling specific spills.

For House navigation, you can also enable the Extra Care mode, which makes the robot a little more gentle as it drives around. If you’ve got delicate furniture, it’s a good choice.

There’s no cleaning power mode, and the Botvac D5 Connected runs at maximum power only, which resulted in a noise rating of 68.9dB. It’s a shame that the quieter Eco cleaning mode from the D7 isn’t available.

Although the D5 Connected maps out your home using its laser guidance, which also works in darkness, you can’t do anything with the map information. You can’t select no-go areas, for example. However, in the box you get some magnetic tape that you can use to prevent the robot going where you don’t want it. This could be useful for protecting a delicate bit of furniture or a prized rug.

Neato Botvac D5 Connected – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT

Amazon Alexa support is available, with the skill letting you turn the robot on or off with just your voice. It worked perfectly in my tests and is a handy way of starting a clean without having to reach for your phone or the physical buttons.

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Google Assistant support is available, too, although the option to add your robot vacuum cleaner isn’t in the Google Home app, but rather in the Google Assistant app (iOS and Android). Using the Explore option, you can search for and add the Google Assistant skill from there. This gives a similar level of control to Alexa and works just as well.

Neato also has IFTTT support built in. There are only actions available (start or stop cleaning, pause and resume cleaning, and return to dock). Even so, functionality is good; for example, you can pause your robot when you get an incoming phone call or start a clean when you go out.

Neato Botvac D5 Connected – How well does it clean carpets and hard floors?

Cleaning performance is very good. I started with hard floors, using a combination of flour and carpet-freshening powder, placing an X of the mixture in the middle floor and by the edge. At first, the Botvac D5 struggled to pick up everything, leaving big blobs of dirt behind; the robot didn’t cover the room very well.

It was a similar story with the carpet test, with the Botvac D5 Connected failing to cover the area sufficiently, leaving behind a lot of our spilt mixture.

However, a second go, with the robot’s map updated, proved the D5 to be a better performer. It smartly navigated itself around, removing most of the spilt mixture well. Edge performance was particularly good. As is typical for a robot vacuum cleaner, some traces were left behind, particularly those embedded in cracks in the floor.

Carpet performance was generally pretty decent, too. The robot tackled the entire cross of flour/carpet freshener, although it left some finer particles behind.

Still, as a maintenance cleaner, the Neato Botvac D5 Connected will pick up most surface dirt, leaving you to perform a full clean once a week or so. Battery life of around 90 minutes should suit most UK homes, with the D5 Connected returning to base, recharging and then continuing cleaning for very large areas.

Neato Botvac D5 Connected – How well does it manage obstacles?

Thanks to its laser navigation, the Botvac D5 navigates well. It easily found its way under sofas, cleanly returning to its dock, where it performed a little bum wriggle, as it made contact.

Around my house, it casually navigated around furniture, while its edge sensor made sure that the robot vacuum didn’t fall down. And, moving from hard floors to carpets proved no problem for this machine.

Tighter gaps, such as dining chair legs were more of an issue, and I had to space out my chairs to ensure the D5 Connected was able to makes its way through.

Why buy the Neato Botvac D5 Connected?

The Neato Botvac D5 Connected is a powerful and simple vacuum cleaner offering great performance on hard floors and carpets. It lags slightly behind the Dyson 360 Eye for carpet performance, but the lower price makes up for it. The bigger issue is that Neato has since released the Botvac D4 Connected and Botvac D6 Connected, which add extra features for similar prices.

I’ve not reviewed those models yet (reviews coming soon), but the more expensive D7 Connected performed better, and has more advanced options including programmable no-go areas, and a lower-power, quieter, Eco mode. If you can stretch to that machine, you’ll get better results.


A simple and well-performing robot vacuum cleaner that gets the essentials right.

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Neato Botvac D5 Connected

A couple of years ago, the Neato Botvac D5 Connected would have been a steal at $599 thanks to its laser navigation system, Wi-Fi connectivity, and app control. It's still a solid value today, especially considering its strong suction power and long battery life. However, many of these features can now be found in robot vacuums that cost less, like the iRobot Roomba 690. And if you're willing to pay top dollar, the Roomba 960 offers detailed cleaning maps and voice control, making it our Editors' Choice.

Design and Accessories

The Neato Botvac D5 Connected looks a lot like its predecessor, the original Botvac Connected. It shares the same black color, D shape, and overall components, it's just slightly more minimal in design. It does away with the original's LCD panel in favor of two LED indicators and consolidates controls into a single button.

Located at the bottom left are the Battery and Info LEDs. The Battery LED lights green when full and flashes when charging. The Info LED lights blue to indicate Auto mode, white for Spot Cleaning, and red if there's an error. To the left of the indicators is the Start button. Press it once to clean regularly, or twice to activate Spot Cleaning mode.

Below the controls you'll find the straight-edged bumper, which helps the vacuum clean tight corners, something that completely round models have trouble with. Above the controls is a top-loading dustbin. And near the rounded edge of the robot is the laser navigation system. If you flip the D5 over, you'll see drop sensors and a roller brush along the flat edge, along with a tiny spin brush and two main wheels. At the rounded edge are two charging contacts.

The D5 measures 3.9 by 12.6 by 13.2 inches (HWD). Some of the height is due to the navigation laser, which juts out at the top; the rest of the robot is about a quarter-inch shorter. The Samsung Powerbot R7070, another D-shaped model, is a bit larger around at 3.8 by 13.4 by 14.7 inches. The D5 should be able to clear most low-profile furniture, but because of the laser bump, it might struggle to fit all the way under certain coffee tables or couches.

In addition to a charging dock and power cord, the D5 comes with a combo brush, filter, side brush, cleaning tool, and a roll of magnetic tape you can use to mark off boundaries. There's no remote, as you can control (but not steer) the robot from your smartphone.

App and Setup

Setting up the D5 is a breeze. The only thing you really have to do is place it on the dock in a relatively clear area and wait for it to finish its initial charge. You might need to push the D5 into the dock's charging contacts and double check that the battery indicator is flashing.

Once the battery is full, you can download the Neato app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It will walk you through a series of prompts and tutorial videos to get the D5 connected over Wi-Fi.

The app is simple to use and modern in design. There's a card with a picture of your robot, its name (which you can edit), status, battery, and three circular icons underneath. The icons let you view settings, robot information, and schedule and cleaning history.

If you tap the robot's card, you can access its main screen. In the center, there's a large Start circle you can tap to begin a cleaning session. Below that is another battery icon indicating how much charge is left. To the left and right are small Stop and Dock commands. If you swipe up, you'll bring up a secondary gray menu that lets you toggle additional features and cleaning modes. The D5 doesn't have many, so you won't need to use it that much.

The Cleaning History tab isn't the most detailed. You can see how long the robot cleaned per session, as well as how much space was covered. Unlike the Roomba 960 or Dyson 360 Eye, however, you don't get to see the shape of the rooms cleaned. It's more of a basic bar graph that tells you the total square feet vacuumed.

As for scheduling, the D5 allows you to customize both start times and days of the week. So if you want a hyper-specific schedule that fits your routine—for instance, cleaning every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a certain time in the afternoon—that's not an issue.

As mentioned above, you can't steer the bot. The D5's navigation abilities are good enough that you probably won't need to rescue it that often, but when you do, you'll have to get up off the couch. It will, however, send push notifications to your phone for troubleshooting.

One of the benefits of connected bots is that you can start or stop cleaning when you're not at home. That's true of the D5, but only if it's online. If for some reason your bot is disconnected or can't connect to Wi-Fi, you won't be able to see cleaning history or edit any scheduled cleans. This is true of any Wi-Fi robot, but I experienced more instances of finicky remote connectivity with the D5 than usual. On one occasion, I tried to access vacuum through the app only to find a notification saying the D5 needed to shut down. When I got home, I saw that it hadn't moved and its battery was full, so it's unclear why the signal dropped.


The Botvac D5 Connected is a good navigator. It was able to reliably glide over different surfaces like carpet, tile, and hardwood, as well as maneuver around objects in testing. I ran it multiple times at home, and was pleased to find it handled the raised flooring between my kitchen and hallway with no difficulty. It also successfully navigated over my living room rug, which has tripped up a fair number of robot vacuums due to its black border and dark geometric pattern.

When it comes to suction power, the D5 was able to pick up all but the most stubborn bits of lint in its path. The only issue is that is dustbin doesn't hold as much as others we've tested, and isn't the easiest to remove. It requires some jostling to get in and out.

Ironically, this is somewhat exacerbated by the D5's excellent battery life. Because the bot can run for quite a while, you may need to empty it in the middle of a session if you want the best possible clean. In testing, the D5 lasted for 70 to 90 minutes of cleaning and still had some juice left over. The only reason it returned to the charging dock before running low was because it had run through each room twice, as programmed, which is more than adequate for the average apartment. You'll still probably need multiple cycles for larger homes with multiple floors, but you get a lot out of a charge here.

When it comes to automatic docking, the D5 is very good at finding its way back home; I never had to help it along. And while it's a bit noisy, it's not so bad you'll have to invest in earplugs. It's right on par with other robot vacuums, and quieter than most traditional stick models.


At $600, the Neato Botvac D5 Connected is an all-around solid robot vacuum. Its laser navigation is excellent and you get a good clean, app control, and excellent battery life. That said, the Roomba 690 costs less, and while its navigation capabilites don't fare as well when it comes to dark floors, you can control it via voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. For $100 more, meanwhile, the Roomba 960 does everything the D5 can, but adds voice control and cleaning maps. And if you're already heavily invested in Samsung's ecosystem, the Powerbot R7070 can be easily added into existing routines with other smart home devices via the SmartThings Hub.

This Robovac Tried to Eat My Furniture. But I Loved it Anyway

It is hard not to anthropomorphize robot vacuums. They live in your house. Some work with focused intensity, zipping back and forth; others bounce haphazardly from wall to wall. Some are loud, others quiet. Some will even bombard you with text messages while you’re at work.

As I watched the Neato Botvac D5 Connected climb determinedly into a dog food bowl, the comparison that came most readily to mind was Lenny from John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Like Lenny, the D5 is powerful, dependable and a valuable worker. It's social and talkative, with a friendly-looking app, and lots of push notifications. Also like Lenny, it’s a little dim-witted and doesn't know its own strength, but no less endearing for that.

Easy Rider

Setup is simple. Plug in the home base and set the botvac to charge. Meanwhile, download the Neato app and follow the app’s instructions to pair. That's where you'll name your botvac (“Lenny”?) and the clean, minimalist app gives you a few options. You can start, stop or pause cleaning; set a schedule; run spot-cleaning, or select a gentle navigation mode. You can also control the botvac through through Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTT, or, weirdly, by messaging the Neato chatbot on Facebook with simple commands.

The app lets you keep tabs on the botvac’s battery life and also displays your cleaning history, with average cleaning times and square feet of area cleaned. There’s an FAQ and a quick link for replacement parts, which are also available on Amazon. The app will also send you reminders to empty the dirt bin, change the filter and clean the brushes. Everything clicks in and out, and the botvac comes with a small comb to clear the carpet brush when hair gets tangled on it.

There are a lot of things to love about the Neato D5. Of the botvacs I’ve tested so far, it is the most intelligent. It susses out the room’s boundaries in tentative passes with a laser sensor on the top of the vacuum. There is also a sensor along the right side of the vacuum to help it follow the wall, drop sensors under the front to prevent it from falling down stairs, and magnetic sensors to help it avoid the included magnetic boundary strips. I found the strips to be useful; instead of unplugging and clearing away cords, I could cordon off areas for the botvac to avoid. They were also more reliable than the drop sensors.

Once the botvac has figured out the room’s boundaries, it cleans in long, methodical, side-by-side strokes, picking up all the dirt and dog hair and leaving aesthetically pleasing, straight marks in its wake. It looks exactly as clean if I had vacuumed the whole house with our powerful push vacuum. It remembers which parts of the room it has cleaned, so you'll rarely see it overlap its own path. When it gets stuck, it sends you a push notification on your phone, and warns you to not place it so it can retain its bearings and continue its carefully-calculated trajectory.

This bot also impressed in the battery department. It took two hours and forty-five minutes for the vacuum to charge fully, and about one hour and forty-five minutes for it to run down to 10% battery life, which is an excellent ratio of charging time to operating time. Before it could get down to 0%, it shut itself off and returned to the base to refuel.

It took the D5 one hour to clean 630 square feet in my home. I also brought it to a friend’s house where it cleaned 250 square feet in a half hour, so cleaning times appear to be pretty consistent. Neato’s claim that it can clean 4500 square feet would probably require several cleaning cycles, but it was adequate for our purposes. And the botvac’s slim profile—less than four inches tall—meant that it could clean under couches and cribs without a problem.

Paying the Piper

But such wonderful results did not come without a cost. We began to notice chips in the walls, couch legs and door frames, as the botvac bashed into them while figuring out the room’s boundaries. One time, the botvac bonked itself into an open door repeatedly, so hard that it closed the door and trapped itself in a bedroom. It does have a gentle navigation cycle, but it’s much slower and you can’t schedule it in advance using the app.

And the vacuum is loud. I measured it at around 65 decibels, which is almost as loud as a normal push vacuum. Between its propensity to whunk into walls and the constant whoooom, this vacuum makes some unnerving noises. The calibration on the sensors is also a little strange. The botvac ran over feet and ate stray doll clothes without flinching, but a pair of dangling shoelaces in a shoe rack left it stymied.

I found the inconsistency regarding Neato's manual controls to be annoying. You can control the botvac’s direction via voice commands, but not through the app. There’s no button to push to tell the botvac to go home if you want it to stop cleaning before a cycle is over. Finally, sometimes the botvac will clean a room halfway, decide that it’s bored with the scenery, and move on to another room before coming back. This is frustrating, especially since the kit only comes with two magnetic divider strips. If I owned one of these, I would probably order several sets of them.

These hiccups might be deal-breakers, especially if you have valuable, delicate furniture. Also, if you're going to spend $500 on a robot vacuum, you might as well drop an extra $200 for Neato’s flagship Botvac Connected, which has all the features of the D5 but is more powerful, has longer battery life and a better command system through the app.

But if you find that $500 is a fine price, but $700 is lunacy and brings you to the brink of financial collapse (and you don’t mind scuffs on your moldings) then I'd say you should try the D5. It was so deeply satisfying to watch it run its meticulous vacuuming route, reminding me to empty its dirt bin two or even three times during a cleaning cycle, knowing that I wouldn’t have to get out the push vacuum anytime soon. Lenny, you will always have a home here, unless you kill someone, and I’m reasonably sure we can prevent you from doing that.

Neato Botvac Connected D5: € 796 | myRobotcenter

Cleaner house with less time spent cleaning. And it’s a robot. What’s not to like?

Good cleaner, lot of pets at home, makes his job perfectly.

I've tried my new Neato D5 a couple of times already and I'm very satisfied with the results so far. I have a cat and a bunny and I chose Neato D5 specifically because it is great for pet hair. I can say it really does a great job picking all the hair. It works fast, it's not very noisy - my conventional vacuum cleaner is times louder. It goes pretty much everywhere it can fit , it's really manoeuvrable. It cannot substitute my normal vacuum cleaner 100 but it keeps the house really neat and clean in between regular vacuums and even prolongs the time between these regular vacuums. Overall I strongly recommend it especially to people with pets.

The D5 is a bit too tall, and so fails to get under most items. At time has some connectivity issues, and the side sweeper could be more effective it it was bigger.

But all in all, so far so good. Cleans well, is easy enough to set up

Very easy to set up and get going - even with Alexa and the Neato app. Makes a very good job of the floors and climbs over even tall rugs - the only thing that got it into trouble has been the inch-high door mat. Computer cables do need tidying away but that’s easy with simple cable tidy products and you might have to tweak the position of some furniture to allow access to all areas and space to turn but in general I’ve done nothing special and it works brilliantly. I’d never be without a robot vacuum now :)

very smart and lovely robot I am sutisfied

I'm still learning to use it, but so far i realy love it. It really helps with keeping the house clean, it easilly fits under our beds and other furniture, so that's a great plus.

For me, Neato vacuum cleaners are the best on the market. I chose this brand after having seen several comparative videos between robots on YouTube. The D-shape of this vacuum cleaner allows to cover a larger suction area at each passage. The navigation system is accurate and works even in rooms completely in the dark. The vacuum cleaner brush is very good in dirt sweeping, which in conjunction with good suction power, causes this vacuum cleaner to pick up almost 100 of the dirt in the first pass. My house has no carpeting, so I can not talk about the suctioning capacity of these materials. However, I have a husky, and I think that just shows how good this vacuum cleaner is. The only less positive point of this vacuum cleaner is the technical assistance provided directly by Neato, who claims to be slow. When I requested their help on a technical issue, it took 9 days to respond... fortunately the response they gave me was helpful. Due to this long wait time, I ended up getting the answer I needed much earlier via a post on the forum. So if you have any misfortune with your robot, you can first ask for help of this forum, then with the help of the store where the vacuum cleaner was purchased, and finally with the Neato assistance. Even so I recommend this robot, I was surprised by the positive with all the hardware aspects of this little wonder.

Good quality for good price

I'm excited about systematic cleaning, perfectly done work on carpets and picks up the cat hair. My tomcat does not trust him, it'sfun to watch the interaction between them.

Amazing little machine. Navigates with great care.

The best vacuum robot I ever seen. It is my second one and Neato D5 does marvellous job.

Works a treat and picks up the dogs hair. Great fun watching the dog avoiding it

Still in proces to recieve, but i got recomendation from friends. Its owesome.

I have tested it for a short time. Vacuum cleaner is OK, very powerful suction, systematic moving, but cleaning took more time as I expected. I was slightly dissapointed, there is not a command to send robot to charging base. By using smartphone with WiFi, if robot is stop by pushbutton on mobile somewhere in middle room, the only way how to get robot to base, is to bring it there.

Extreeeeeeemely happy with the robot, have it for a month now. We call him Snoopy :P - does better job than my wife and myself combined :) We used to use 200 quid Dyson - the master of the heavy weight vacuum cleaners Now got rid of it, no more manual vacuuming that's for sure Need to save our 30 yrs old backs :P Jokes on the side, the D5 Neato does excellent job on the carpets, very surprised how much dirt it takes out. Also, the wooden floors are very well polished after it spins that brush As a matter of fact, the floors are so polished and slippery that you can slide on them like in the ice skating rink :D

A little exaggerating won't hurt aye, but that's the result of a happy customer Highly recommending this gadget Good night love.

Super machne.................................

The only minus is that there is no warranty repair service in the Baltics. In case of a warranty accident I would need to send to the other country, plus sending costs would occur. Hope nothing would happen or there will be a service shop in Lithuania or Latvia by then.

Works as described, love the way it sistematically cleans and isn’t all over the place. Perfect for us. We even made it work extra hard the first day. In anticipation of it’s arrival I haven’t vacuumed for a few days and since we have two cavaliers who shed like crazy, there were dog hair bunnies’ everywhere. No biggie for it, vacuumed it all.

It’s great but gets stuck easily - don’t leave anything on the ground

Very impressive performance

I am very happy with my robot

I chose the neato because I had already had one and it was the best aspiration robot I had until the moment I had already had a roomba and it does not even have a comparison, it is fast accurate and without need of bumps to orient.

I do like the botvac but it is not very careful around walls and wall edges. It scratches the latex on the walls and the wall edges and leaves black marks or dints. Still, it does good job cleaning the house. It is fairly easy to clean the robot and the brushes.

Works good, though scratches also good.

Navigation is great. Not flawless yet, but it's soooo much better than any Roomba at this price, that it's totally worth it :) If their is a thick layer of dust somewhere (like deep under a bed), it won't take it in one run, but since you'll be using it regularly, there will be no place with thick layer of dust after a few runs ever :)

Good vacuum cleaner. Cleans well, especially dog fur.

A good vacuum : I prefer neato models without random path...because they are more efficient.

I already have one Neato product. We do live in a large multi story home, and it is easier having a different Robovac on each lever, which is why I have ordered another one. I wouldn't be without my Neato's and I do recommend them. Everyone has a dishwasher and wouldn't necessarily think of getting a Robovac, however, now that I have experienced a Neato, I would certainly not be without

Owned it only for a week. I don't have stairs - but I have a 3 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + hall flat. Good: - can manage several rooms - goes everywhere - knows how to turn around the legs of furniture - manages to clean under the table with all the chairs around (though the presence of chairs slows it down quite a bit, as it tries to go around each legs even when there's not enough room) - easy to use (only two buttons, and one little LCD with basic functionality: set hour and schedule) - can clean carpets (if they're rigid enough: doesn't like bathroom mat for instance) - has no problem to find its base when needs to recharge - does a good job Less good: - a bit noisy - will sometimes bump into walls and doors or slightly move furniture around (chairs) - dust bin easy to take off, but not so easy to empty: the door of the dustbin is the filter, and most of the dust sticks to the filter, which is not so easy to clean.

- the barrier does not work that well: the robot will try to push it around. It could be worth to order some more barrier if you have complex rooms and want to prevent the robot from going in places where you have stuff lying around (guitars, cables).

Great performance, the navigation works well.

Quality and description meets expectations.

Excellent robot aspiration très nette se t retrouve bien dans l espace juste un peu bruyant.

We are using it on a wooden floor.The robot has a compulsive disorder, not leaving a single spot untreated, fighting around the chair legs like a hero - I am deeply impressed about the accuracy. Much better results than expected. Our carpets have fringes and cause problems, so we take the away when the robot should work.

After much research and the demise of our trusty Sebo Felix the Neato D85 was ordered. Could not really believe the reviews but have been proved wrong. We have the advantage of living in a single level bungalow so Neato has full access to entire house if doors are left open. Cleans very effectively as long as bin is kept empty. Rugs do not prove a problem (unless with tassels). Can easily loose a couple of hours the first couple of days following it around, thinking it's missed a spot but it soon returns and covers every area. Has run for over 90 mins before returning to base for a rest.

Had the vacuum for over a month now and cannot fault it. It really does do what it claims.

Really impressed, didn't expect it to be as good as it was when I tried it, hence I bought one.

A bit noisy, battery could last longer.

We had a Neato before, and this one is even better Totally satisfied.

Neato Botvac D5 Wi-Fi Connected Navigating Robot Vacuum -

Makes life easier! Does a great job on my hardwood floors, transitions well to area rugs. iPhone app is intuitive. Great video guides online. Replacement parts and filters also abundantly available online! Recommend to all!

Makes life easier! Does a great job on my hardwood floors, transitions well to area rugs. iPhone app is intuitive. Great video guides online. Replacement parts and filters also abundantly available online! Recommend to all!

I love my neato. I use it at least 1-3 times a week. I programed it to not go on my rug that can have no beater bars on it and to stop at the stairs. Love that feature. I have cali bamboo floors through my whole house so I have it go under all the beds also. It gets into corners pretty good to so only need to get the other vacuum out occassionally. I have named him Burt and I call him my maid. It has saved me so much time. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone. I fo not own a pet anymore but have dogs often in my home. Burt has a big enough container that I do not have to empty it until he is done with the whole house. We have approximately 1700.

Written by a customer while visiting

I like out bot. Things I would change.

1). The drive belt for the edge brush needs to be redesigned so it doesn't break or melt every 5 months. Very difficult to change. Must take bot almost completely apart to fix.

2). Hard to sync wifi and loses connection often. Should be much more user friendly and actively reach for a connection on both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

3) Really fills up fast. This could be a factor of how dirty the floors are

4) it would be nice to have a fine mesh screen that can be cleaned underwater. Have two then rotate. The paper filters are not savable and expensive.

Even with all these suggestions, we all still love the bot!

Written by a customer while visiting

I bought the D5 for the no-go lines feature. Frankly, it works but the maps are so poor that accurate placement of the no-go lines is hit or miss. I have a floor lamp that the D5 always gets hung up on. Neato engineers could take information a robot collects and create a map with walls, islands, chairs, tables or at least editable spaces. Perhaps a library of objects could be dragged and dropped onto the map? Those objects could be selected as no-go objects and my floor lamp could be one of them. Perhaps real time mapping would help. Marketing literature says the D5 can be steered with in-app controls but such controls aren't in the iOS app.

Written by a customer while visiting

It's a really cool robot and it cleans well. But what bothers me is that it doesn't recognize the floor plan all the time. I have to delete floor plans and create the same floor plans again and again. Also, sometimes the no go lines are not recognized. 

Written by a customer while visiting

I have gone through 4 d5 botvacs. 2 replacements, 3rd was a full refund, turned around and baught the same one new for the 4th one. One month later sent in for repairs. Now it is ging issues yet again.

Written by a customer while visiting

I bought this BotVac D5 back in December 2018 and since then have had to exchange this D5 model 3 times. I'm done with this Neato brand and I'm returning to IRobot. When the robot is working correctly it does perform well but I'm tired of having to deal with these problem. I don't recommend this product to anyone.

Written by a customer while visiting

I've had the D5 for about a week and not impressed at all. It gets stuck in the middle of a room, twitching. Ignores entire rooms. Leaves certain spots unclean even of they are mapped and there are no obstacles. Not worthy he price and the support has been really slow. I will return this.

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Overall I was very excited about the new features with the D5 but my D5 has been the last reliable of all the neatos I have had in the past 5 years. Main complaint is that it hardly ever completes a whole cleaning cycle. It just shuts off mid cycle in the middle of the floor. No obstruction, just turns off. I haven't even had this new Neato for a month but my D3 with the same exact for plan and internet never did that.

Written by a customer while visiting

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

The Neato Botvac D7 Connected is smarter than your average robot vacuum. In addition to laser navigation, it features interactive cleaning maps, a simple and intuitive app, and class-leading integration with third-party smart home devices and services. When you add in excellent battery life and cleaning performance, the D7 justifies its hefty $799 price, earning our Editors' Choice for high-end robot vacuums.


The D7 bears a strong resemblance to the other vacuums in the Botvac Connected line, with Neato's signature D shape for getting into tight spaces. The main physical difference from the D5 is that it sports a new metallic finish that's more resistant to dust and scratches. It also has four LED indicator buttons—two more than previous models—that help provide better feedback during cleaning sessions (you can view battery level, Wi-Fi status, and cleaning modes).

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The vacuum measures 3.9 by 13.2 by 12.7 inches (HWD). It's a little taller than the iRobot Roomba 960 (3.6 inches), so be sure to measure any low-clearance furniture you're it might not fit under. The extra height is due in part to the circular turret on top of the D7 that houses the laser navigation system and enables a 360-degree view of your home. The top is also home to the dustbin, which is disappointingly small and not as easy as to remove and replace as it should be. Underneath, you'll find two main treads, two smaller wheels, a roller brush, and a small spin brush.

As far as accessories go, the D7 comes with a charging dock as well as your typical assortment of spare brushes, filters, and a cleaning tool. It also comes with a two-meter magnetic strip that acts as a physical boundary marker. You probably won't need it, as you can set boundaries in the app, which I'll detail in the next section.

App and Setup

Setting up the D7 is relatively easy. You don't have to physically attach any parts or brushes, as it comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is download the Neato app for Android or iOS. From there, you'll be guided through the process of pairing the vacuum with your Wi-Fi network; it supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Neato's app has been redesigned since we reviewed the Botvac D5 Connected, making it cleaner and more intuitive. The main screen now displays the name of your robot and its current status. To the bottom left you'll find a battery indicator you can tap to see how much power is left. Underneath that is the start button. To the bottom right is a small square grid that brings up your cleaning history with detailed maps and statistics for your past 20 cleaning sessions. You'll also find a button to bring up a screen for cleaning options.

The cleaning options screen lets you toggle between House, Spot, and Manual cleaning modes. Under the House mode, you can choose between Eco and Turbo cleaning profiles—the former is a quieter, longer-lasting run, while the latter is more powerful. You can also opt for Extra Care navigation, which is gentler than the default mode. For Spot mode, you can designate a specified cleaning radius.

From the main screen, you can also tap the three-bar icon in the top left to access scheduling and a new feature called My Floor Plan. While the D7 comes with the aforementioned magnetic boundary tape, you can also set No Go lines in the app. The bot will map your entire home after an initial diagnostic run. From there, you can save your floor plan and draw red lines to indicate areas where the robot shouldn't go. This worked well in testing, though No Go lines are only followed when you start your cleaning sessions from the app.


In Home mode, the D7 navigated back forth in a methodical manner across my apartment while easily maneuvering around obstacles. It handled different surfaces, such as wood, carpet, and tile, with no trouble. It was also able to reliably dock on its own—something infrared-based vacuums often struggle with. If it ever gets stuck, you can use your phone to steer it, which is a feature the Roomba 960 doesn't support. (Steering is also useful for pinpointing a concentrated mess.)

In terms of cleaning power, the D7 sucked up dirt, hair, and other debris from all types of flooring with aplomb. Its suction power is on par with the Roomba 960, though perhaps not as powerful as the Dyson 360 Eye in Max mode. That said, the 360 Eye only clocks up to 45 minutes in Max mode (and up to 70 minutes in normal mode). The D7, on the other hand, managed 130 minutes in testing, which is excellent for large homes or big messes that require multiple passes. The small dustbin could prove to be an obstacle here, however—it might need to be emptied before the full cleaning session is done.

While I wouldn't say any vacuum, with the exception of the Eufy Robovac 11, is quiet, the D7 is loud enough that it woke my dog from the opposite end of the apartment. If you're trying to watching TV in the same room that is being vacuumed, you'll definitely need to crank up the volume.

Many new robot vacuums come with Amazon Alexa compatibility, but the D7 takes things a few steps further. You can also control it with Google Assistant, and it supports If This Then That (IFTTT) recipes (for instance, you can create a recipe that turns the vacuum on as soon as your connected garage door opener closes). If you own an Apple Watch, you can also control it from your wrist. As mentioned earlier, you can't use the No Go lines with these methods, but it's a convenient perk if you have a lot of other smart home devices.

Comparisons and Conclusions

At $799, the Neato Botvac D7 Connected is definitely pricey. However, its excellent navigation abilities, long battery life, interactive cleaning maps, dual-band Wi-Fi support, and third-party integrations are well worth the cost. The Roomba 960 costs $100 less, but doesn't support phone steering, only works on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and requires physical beacons in order to designate no-go zones. That makes the Botvac D7 Connected our new Editors' Choice for high-end robot vacuums. If you're looking to spend less and are willing to give up most of the bells and whistles (like any sort of phone control whatsoever), the Eufy Robovac 11 costs just over $200 and is our Editors' Choice on the budget end.

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