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  • Dual external passive radiators ensure that you hear and feel your bass music for up to 15 hours wherever you go. Enjoy your playlist from up to three connected Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can use the speaker to hear your phone calls clearly. This splash-proof speakerphone allows you to enjoy your music even if it is raining, or you're out near the pool. Charge other devices using this powerful speaker that is safe to use inside or out. This speaker can be cleaned under running tap water.
  • Integrated Charger, Super Bass, Remote Control, Rechargeable Battery, Waterproof, NFC, Integrated Microphone, Line-in Jack

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JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Red) - Walmart.com

I was blown away by how amazing this thing is! It has exceeded my expectations,music is so warm and clear! I love My LSR 2328's in my studio so JBL is what I ultimately choose when shopping for a Bluetooth speaker! I love that you can connect several together for ultimate amazing sound! Can't wait to purchase my next one! Thanks JBL!

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

I just bought a jbl xtreme blue color through online shopping. It produce amazing sound, great for outdoors! Its loud! After i downloaded JBL connect app, it received software update and installed it wirelessly via bluetooth. It was an amazing experience for a speaker to receive an update! But i was disappointed there is no aux cable included. Other than that the speaker is loud, crisp sound!

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

My wife and I bought this for in home use, so we bought the JBL Xtreme. Most importantly, the speaker is all about sound quality regardless of what musical genre you are listening to at the time. STRONG battery to keep the music playing & charge other devices. Buy it now.

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

I was looking for a bluetooth speaker that would fill my whole living room with sound and a powerful bass. Wow, I didn't expect it to be this good. For the price, you get the best bluetooth speaker there is out there with amazing features. Really long battery, two USB ports, bluetooth that reaches really far, JBL connect, splashproof(survived a boat ride), everything. Its amazing, good job JBL

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

Bought 1 about a month ago and an loving it so much I just ordered a second! The speakers blow away all competition AND they are going to be the life of many backyard parties at my house. My only ding is with all the high tech design out there why not do a better job at protecting the side woofer? I mean it's all good u tip somebody gets too close... I'd even pay you extra to develops a attachment since these are already perfect! I'm just saying....

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

Just unboxed... and i am in love... sounds awesome and the battery lasts FOREVER!!!

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

The quality is awesome, this monster produce,a big,basses i looove my jbl xtreme , thanks HARMAN

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

Best speaker I've bought ever. Jbl has always been the best for me.

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

Absolutely love it! Here is the size comparison from the JBL Xtreme and the flip. Love them both!

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com

My experience was the best ! Before listening to music in a jbl flip 2 and needed a bigger one . It was certainly the best option. I love JBL

Written by a customer while visiting jbl.com


JBL Xtreme vs JBL Boombox vs JBL Xtreme 2 | Comparison & Verdict

Everybody has heard of JBL. It’s one of the best speaker manufacturing companies in the market. To be the best, one has to be competitive, which JBL definitely is. Today we will review JBL Xtreme vs JBL Boombox vs JBL Xtreme 2. If you just want to compare the JBL Xtreme vs JBL Xtreme 2, feel free to read our latest article.

JBL Xtreme vs JBL Boombox vs JBL Xtreme 2

There’s a reason we chose to review these three speakers specifically. There are so many customers who would benefit from the right information when choosing speakers. JBL Boombox and JBL Xtreme are two of the most popular models. And, after Xtreme 2 came out, we became even more intrigued to see how these high-end products compared to each other. So, what the customer will want to know is: how do these three models of speaker compare?  Which is the better choice, from their point of view? In this article, we will evaluate the speakers’ design, analyze features and sound quality, draw up a comparison chart and, ultimately, draw up a verdict.

1. Design

Brace yourselves! These speakers are pretty big. If you’re looking for more portable speakers, feel free to read our JBL Pulse 3 vs JBL Charge 3 review. Visually, JBL Xtreme, JBL Boombox and JBL Xtreme 2 are striking. They have the ‘solid-quality look’ that represents the brand itself. One thing is clear – JBL designs speakers that are aesthetically pleasing.

JBL Xtreme

JBL Xtreme’s outer layer is made of an attractive, rugged rubber. This coating is robust, durable and protects the speaker from all manner of ‘adventures’. The JBL models are renowned for their durability, and the design manages to incorporate this robustness in an attractive way. This speaker comes in a choice of three colors – Black, Red and Blue. These are different from traditional speaker colors – which could be risky – but each of these primary color choices has an elegant tone.

JBL Xtreme also comes in the Special Edition Squad pattern, which has been used for other JBL speakers, such as Flip 4. It would seem that the Squad (‘camouflage-style’) is popular since JBL revived it for the Xtreme model. Xtreme’s dimensions are – 126 x 283 x 122 mm (H x W x D). It’s a little bit bigger than the average portable speaker; but it still has a nice size and, despite the weight (2.112 kg), it’s easy to carry around.

JBL Boombox

This speaker’s design is reminiscent of a style that was particularly popular about twelve years ago. Yes – as you probably guessed – this is one which you can carry on your shoulder.

The speaker is big. Boombox’s dimensions are – 254.5 x 495 x 195.5 mm (H x W x D). But, as we all know, the bigger the speaker, the bigger the sound. Weight-wise, it is 5.25 kg.

As for the colors, JBL Boombox comes in Black and Forest Green. They both look solid and beautifully designed, but Black is probably the more elegant of the two. Like the Xtreme, it’s covered with rugged rubber, which, once again, adds a pleasing resilience.

JBL Xtreme 2

JBL Xtreme 2 comes in a choice of three colors: Black, Blue & Green. These colors, especially the Blue and Green, have a pleasing subtlety. The colors are noticeably different to Xtreme’s Blue or Boombox’s Forest Green. As color can affect how much we love a product, it’s definitely worth exploring the different shades as part of your choice.

The Xtreme 2 is a beautiful speaker and definitely stands between JBL Boombox and the original JBL Xtreme in size & weight. As Xtreme’s successor, it’s a little bit bigger and heavier but is certainly smaller and lighter than the JBL Boombox. This speaker weighs 2.393 kg and its dimensions are – 136 x 288 x 132 mm (H x W x D). That would be the optimal size and weight in the JBL Xtreme vs JBL Boombox vs JBL Xtreme 2 comparison.

Big sizes have their advantages, which we will explore in the Features section. Despite its size, this model is easier to carry than you might think. Our team has had these speakers for months and they got pretty used to them. Their visual appearance is striking, and no one has complained about the size being an undue problem.

2. Features & Sound Quality

Now it’s time to discuss the Features and Sound Quality. These speakers have amazing abilities, but let’s find out which one suits your preferences. First up is the waterproof feature. Boombox is IPX7 Certified (meaning it is water-resistant for a certain amount of time) giving a big advantage over Xtreme, which is only Splashproof. So Boombox can float on water, while Xtreme will immediately submerge. This is one of the features that the successor, Xtreme 2, is also upgraded with. It’s fully IPX7 Certified and will be fine in water for 30 minutes unless it’s more than 1 meter below the surface.

JBL Xtreme and Xtreme 2 have a similar battery life – they can play music continuously for up to 15 hours. That’s quite a feat and quite an upgrade on JBL’s previous models in this respect. JBL Boombox really pulls a rabbit out of the hat here. Of course, 15 hours of battery life is great but not as magnificent as Boombox’s 24 HOURS. The battery-charging time for JBL Xtreme and Xtreme 2 is approximately 3.5 hours. And Boombox can be fully charged in less than a 6.5 hours. So, yes, it does take quite a while; but if you charge it during the night, the time factor needn’t cause any inconvenience.

Boombox and Xtreme 2 use Bluetooth version 4.2, which is a better suit if you want to have clearer sync and less latency. JBL Xtreme has Bluetooth v4.1 – which still works fine, but not as brilliantly as the v4.2. All of the speakers have the Voice Assistant Integration. So, if you want to use Siri or Google Now, you can just press the button and make your request. They also have the echo and noise-canceling Speakerphone feature. It allows its users to make crystal-clear calls when someone is calling on the device, while also playing music.

One of the most popular features of JBL is the Connect and Connect+. Using them is handy when you want to connect your speaker to another one. But there’s actually a difference between them. Connect+ is the newer feature and allows those speakers which came out later to connect with each other. The same goes for the Connect feature, but only the older speakers can connect. The point is, Connect and Connect+ are different features and the ones which have Connect cannot be connected to Connect+ and vice versa. It’s a sad story, but JBL is working on fixing this issue. JBL Xtreme has the Connect feature. But Xtreme 2 and Boombox have the Connect+ and they can actually connect to each other. Mixing their audio abilities together can really get the party going. Let’s take a look at speakers’ Frequency Responses:

The Speaker Frequency Response
JBL Xtreme 70Hz – 20kHz
JBL Boombox 50Hz – 20kHz
JBL Xtreme 2 55Hz -20kHz

As we can see from these figures, the highest frequency is the same for all speakers. The lowest frequency shows the Bass Power. The lower the frequency, the juicier the bass can be. As the chart shows, Boombox has the most powerful Bass. It is recommended for outdoor parties, and that’s the big-size advantage we were talking about earlier. Xtreme and Xtreme 2 can also handle the ‘acoustic scope’ for an outdoor party, but not as well as the Boombox, which not only has the ability for greater volume but clear audio quality at high volumes.

So, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Boombox has the best sound quality and the most powerful audio performance. And, unsurprisingly, Xtreme 2 is much better than Xtreme. In any event, none of these three JBL speakers will leave you disappointed. Each of them is a quality product with good performance, and each has their own unique advantages and ‘plus points’.

3. Setup

Some users are afraid of the setup process. They don’t know how to connect the devices to the speaker. We will show you how easy it is. But first, let’s talk about speakers’ boxes: JBL Xtreme and JBL Xtreme 2 have similar accessories inside their boxes, which include: Power Adaptor, Strap, Cable, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card and Safety Sheet. Boombox is similar except that the Power Adaptor is excluded. You get the cable to charge your speaker, and that’s it.

Of course, the speakers are compatible with Android and Apple devices. When the speakers are turned on for the first time, they’ll give ‘audible confirmation’. Also, they’re already in the pairing mode, so you don’t have to worry about that either. The entire process will take just a couple of minutes and is super easy. There are several steps, which you can also find in the Quick Start Guide. For your convenience, we’ll also drop a quick guide here:

  • Unpack the Box
  • Turn on the Speaker
  • Go to your Device’s Bluetooth Settings
  • Find & Connect the Speaker

4. Apps

JBL has many Apps, and here we will discuss just two of them: JBL Music and JBL Connect. You can find both of them in the App Store or Google Play. Both Apps have a really simple interface and it’s easy to navigate via the App. If something goes wrong, one can always find the help button and it will assist you to continue navigating.

JBL Music gives you the ability to stream music from your smartphone’s library to the speaker. To highlight some of the features: it can tweak and tune sound performance to suit its user’s taste by adjusting audio EQ and enabling enhancement of compressed audio. One of the great features – that JBL is really proud of is – is that you can connect with more than 100 JBL devices at the same time. For this feature, you will need the App – JBL Connect.

5. Support

Throughout this article, we have mentioned how you can resolve some issues yourself. But now it’s time to highlight the source of expert help you can turn to when needed. JBL has an amazing Support Team, which is ready to assist you with any queries. So, if something goes wrong, simply contact their professional team for help.

We have contacted the JBL Support Team from time to time with various queries and problems. Without fail, they were always able to resolve our issue. They’ll ask the necessary questions, listen carefully and provide the assistance you need. So, it’s comforting to know that help is at hand when you need it. With their well-trained and friendly assistants, the JBL support team has your back.

6. Comparison Chart

Before we come up with the verdict, let’s take a look at this summary comparison chart.

JBL Xtreme

JBL Boombox

JBL Xtreme 2

Dimensions (H x W x D)

126 x 283 x 122 mm

254.5 x 495 x 195.5 mm

136 x 288 x 132 mm


2.112 kg

5.25 kg

2.383 kg

Weather Sealed




IPX7 Waterproof




Battery Life

15 hours

24 hours

15 hours

Battery Charge Time

3.5 hours


Voice As. Integration





2 x 63 mm

2 x 101.6 mm

2 x 69.85 mm


2 x 35 mm

2 x 20 mm

2 x 20 mm

Built-In Microphone




Speaker Pairing




7. Verdict

As the chart shows, these speakers have amazing features. But which one is best? All of them are bigger than the average-sized speakers. They look solid and beautiful and it’s obvious that JBL worked hard to make the products top-notch.

JBL Boombox has the biggest weight and size. But it has huge advantages because of that size. The Xtreme and the Xtreme 2 are more portable speakers. In the features field, the Xtreme 2 and the Boombox really blow out the Xtreme. They are IPX7 certified, have Bluetooth v4.2 and both are compatible with Connect+. These speakers are upgraded and more advanced. So, if you’re not pressed budget-wise, then we recommend choosing between JBL Boombox and JBL Xtreme 2. JBL Boombox has a longer and remarkable battery life. For indoor or outdoor parties, it seems to be the best choice. The sound quality is so high and ‘on form’ that the party-hosting customer is unlikely to choose another option.

  • Features
  • Design
  • Sound Quality
  • Durability
  • Connectivity


JBL Xtreme, JBL Boombox & JBL Xtreme 2 are exceptional bluetooth speakers. Their designs, features & sound qualities are exceptional and amazing.

Depending on your needs and preferences, your choice of the speaker may be different. If you’re not fazed by the big size and want the speaker that has a maximum ability and the best features, then Boombox is your choice. If you just want a nice speaker, JBL Xtreme will be sufficient. It still has amazing features and won’t disappoint you. But the optimal choice would be to get the Xtreme 2, which has almost the same features as Boombox but is definitely smaller and lighter to carry. It has less battery time but is still plenty if you don’t need it to play for a super-extended period.

As long as one of the speakers responds to the customer’s desires and preferences, any one of them can be a perfect choice. They all have something to love and adore, so no matter what, users will get useful, beautiful and powerful speakers amongst this three speakers:

JBL Xtreme

JBL Boombox

JBL Xtreme 2


JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions, Speaker Charging Time

Follow these JBL Xtreme charging instructions for convenient recharging of this Bluetooth speaker via its  hidden DC input charging port, discussed below.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions Summary

In short, first, we recommend recharging the Xtreme with the included JBL charger. Why? Because this charger meets the speaker’s current requirements and is provided by JBL.  Presumably, JBL feels that this is a well-matched charger since they include it with the speaker.  So, we won’t buck any systems here, although in a pinch, you could fully charge the Xtreme with other non JBL wall chargers.  But we won’t explore those possibilities here.

It’s time to recharge the Xtreme when the battery status gauge shows a single flashing red light, as shown in the next picture.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: JBL Xtreme portable speaker battery gauge, showing the battery nearly dead, with the blinking red lamp highlighted.

When you see the blinking red lamp, connect the black barrel DC output jack included with the speaker between the Xtreme and that power adapter. Then, plug the adapter into a working wall outlet in order to recharge the speaker to full.

Finally after a few hours, your JBL Xtreme speaker fully recharges. Then, you’ll be able to play it again for roughly fifteen hours before you have to charge it again.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions, Step-by-Step

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: Unboxed JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker with charger, strap, and manuals.

1. For Best Results, Use the Included Power Adapter

As mentioned above, we’re using the JBL wall charger AC adapter included with the JBL Xtreme, as shown next.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: Charger adapter and cord Included with the JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker.

2. Open the Port Cover on the JBL Xtreme Speaker

Grasp the orange zipper on the lower back of the Xtreem, and pull it to the left, opening port cover. This exposes the USB power out and charging input port inside, as shown next.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker, rear view, showing its ports zipper open, with the power input charging port highlighted.

3. Plug in the DC Power Cord to the JBL Xtreme

Then, plug the barrel connector end of the wall adapter’s charge cord into the matching DC input port on the speaker, as shown next.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: Xtreme JBL speaker back view, showing the DC charging cord inserted.

5. Plug the AC Power Adapter into a Working Wall Outlet

Now that the Xtreme and the JBL AC adapter are connected, we plug the charger into a functioning AC outlet, as shown next.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: JBL Xtreme speaker plugged in and charging from AC power.

At least one of the battery status lamps lights up on the Xtreme when you apply DC input power. There are five lamps on this Xtreme speaker that light in succession as internal battery charging progresses.

6. Allow the JBL Xtreme to Charge Until All Battery Power Lights Go Off

Battery charging is almost complete when all but the last of the battery status lights light solid. The last one continues to blink for several minutes more to top off the charge, as shown next.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: Xtreme JBL speaker front view, showing the battery gauge circled with all its lights glowing This means that the Speaker is fully or almost fully charged.

The battery recharge cycle finishes when all battery status gauge lights go out, as shown next.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker, front view, showing the battery status gauge all dark and highlighted.

7. Unplug the DC Charging Cable from the Xtreme JBL Speaker

The next picture shows the round charging port on the Xtreme after we removed the charge cord.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker, rear view, showing its ports zipper open, with the DC charging cord removed.

8. Fully Zip Up the Water Resistant Port Door

Note that unless this power port opening flap is zipped completely closed, water could enter the input and output connector ports area, and likely damage the Xtreme speaker components inside. So, take special care to completely zip the port door closed on this speaker, to get full water resistance protection while not charging.

See how this port door looks when fully closed and sealed in the next picture.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: Xtreme JBL Bluetooth speaker back view, showing the zipped closed power port door highlighted.

9. Charging JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker Done!

We have now fully charged our JBL Xtreme portable Bluetooth speaker. Note that the battery charge status gauge just after turning on the Xtreme after a full recharge. All lamps are aglow, meaning that the speaker is current fully charged, as shown in the next picture.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: Xtreme JBL speaker front view, showing the battery gauge circled with all its lights glowing This means that the Speaker is fully or almost fully charged.

Repeat this process every fifteen hours of music play to keep its battery in good condition. We charge ours when the battery status gauge lights show just one lamp glowing.

Charging JBL Xtreme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Does my JBL Xtreme Keep Turning Off?

An aging internal battery may cause this, as the battery can no longer deliver the minimum current the Xtreme needs to work properly.  Installing a new battery often solves this issue.  We suggest though, that you consult a qualified electronics technician to install a new battery.

How to Charge JBL Xtreme?

This post details the steps necessary above for recharging the JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker.

What’s the JBL Xtreme Charge Time?

The Xtreme speaker fully charges between three and four hours, depending on the state of the battery when recharging starts. This assumes that you use the charger that comes with the speaker.  Other wall chargers may take longer to fully recharge the Xtreme speaker.

How to Factory Reset JBL Xtreme?  How to Reset JBL Xtreme Speaker?

To restore the Xtreme to factory default settings and state, follow the routine given in our   JBL Xtreme Reset Instructions – How to Reset JBL Xtreme Speaker  article.

How to Turn Off JBL Xtreme?

When the speaker is ON, the power button glows or flashes either blue or white depending on the mode it’s currently in.  Press this button to shut it off.  All lights should go out within a couple seconds.  The speaker should also play that JBL trademark falling guitar cord sound.

JBL Xtreme Bluetooth speaker powered on and paired, with its blue glowing Power button highlighted.

How to Turn On JBL Xtreme Speaker?

No lights glow, and no sound comes from the Xtreme when it’s OFF.  Turn it on by pressing the Power button.  See the Power button location shown in the next picture.

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: JBL Xtreme speaker powered OFF, showing its dark Power button highlighted.

What Does the JBL Xtreme Red Light Flashing Mean?

JBL Xtreme Charging Instructions: JBL Xtreme portable speaker battery gauge, showing the battery nearly dead, with the blinking red lamp highlighted.

When you see the red light blinking on the Xtreme’s battery level gauge, this means that the battery has very little charge left, and that the speaker will shut off within an hour if not recharged. See the red light we’re talking in the last picture above, pointed out by the green arrow. Note though that this lamp never flashes red with a correctly working charger connected and powered on.  As you recharge the Xtreme from a completely dead state, this lamp blinks white.

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  • JBL Xtreme Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker Product Page, on JBL.com

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